My position as PDP zonal chairman ‘ll not stop me from contesting for Ondo Governorship election- Eddy Olafeso

The Deputy National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic (PDP), Olorogun Eddy Olafeso said he would not hesitate to contest in the 2020 governorship election if the party gives him the opportunity to serve as the standard-bearer.

Olafeso in an interviewed sourced by The News Track from the Nigerian Tribune, said being an executive of the party at the zonal level is not a barrier to his governorship ambition.

The former commissioner for Information under the government of the late Olusegun Agagu, said he is abundantly qualify to govern Ondo state.

He added that the party’s constitution allows him to contest for the governorship election.

He said, “if the constitution prevents me from running, why would I be running? The party’s constitution did not say because I served for all these long years, persevered for all these long years , I should not contest

” If I  have succeeded extensively as the Chairman of the South West in ensuring that we won in Oyo, Ondo and also in Osun state before it was stolen from us; and that the zone is at relative peace today, so I wondered why anybody would say I shouldn’t run because of the position I currently occupy. .

“Will I be the first person to be the zonal chairman that becomes governor or state chairman in the party that eventually made it as governor? No, I will not be and probably won’t be the last. 

“The truth is that I have a clearer view of what it takes for us to win at this moment and that’s the advantage I want to use for my people. 

“I belief that experience should come to play in this matter because I can confront the APC with their one billion and one failure and failings, culminating in their constant recourse to borrowing when we have all these resources available to be tapped to develop our land.”