Nigeria @ 59: How Buhari Can Leave Everlasting Legacy In Nigeria- Senator Tofowomo

The senator representing Ondo South senatorial district in the 9th Assembly, Nicholas Tofowomo, has advised Muhammadu Buhari on how the president can secure for himself an everlasting place in the memories of Nigerians.

The senator disclosed this in his anniversary message to Nigerians on the occasion of the country’s 59th birthday celebration.

Tofowomo called on President Buhari to ensure that he judiciously make use of his second term in office to better the lives of Nigerians especially in the areas of electricity and insecurity.

According to him, this is the only way the president can secure a legacy for himself.

“My advice to President Buhari is that he should be mindful of the fact that this is his last term as the President of Nigeria . If he could tackle insecurity and endemic electricity power supply before he leaves office, it would be an enduring legacy that many Nigerians would be referring to even when he is out of office,” he said.

The Senator also lamented the various challenges facing the country: “A country that has been existing as a nation since 1960, that has not been able to proffer solution to the interrupted electricity supply even for a day, a country that can not even guarantee her citizens safety with insecurity everywhere – where the policing arrangement is not effective and of nothing to write home about, a country where unemployment has become an integral part of the society, and poverty has become a consolidated part of the society, has revealed the fact that Nigeria is a failed state. Our 59 years celebration of Independence is just a caricature.”

Tofowomo also appealed to Nigerians to stop electing wrong people to position of leadership. He particularly frowned at the attitude of vote selling during elections.

“My message for Nigerians is to appeal to the electorates to vote wisely during election and not to make money their priority before casting their votes because electing wrong people to manage the affairs of a country always have negative effects and we would eventually pay the price,” he said.