Ondo group flays desecration of court by DSS officials

Ondo State Youth Network (OSYN) has condemned in entirety the desecration of the judiciary by the agents of the Department of State Service (DSS) while making attempt to re-arrest Omoyele Sowore and Olawale Bakare on friday. 

A statement by the coordinator of the Network, Jonathan Obatola described the incident as lack of adherence to ethos, rule of law and constitutionality,saying it is one of the most daunting problems stunting the growth of Nigeria democratically under the present administration of President Muhammadu Buhari.

The statement call on the National Assembly to, as a matter of urgent public importance, summon the Director General of the DSS, investigate what it described as a shameful act and ensure all agents of the department culpable are punished under the law.

“This despicable act which forced the Judge to abandon judicial proceedings contravenes Section 43(2) of the Administration of Criminal Justice Act which states that “A warrant of arrest may be executed by any police officer at any time and in any place in any State other than within the actual court room in which a court is sitting.”The statement said.
Recall that Messrs Omoyele Sowore and Olawale Bakare were first arrested in August 2019.