Wife of Ondo state governor, Betty Anyanwu Akeredolu has faulted the level of cancer control system in Nigeria, stressing that government at all levels must brace up.

Speaking at a press conference organised to herald this year’s world cancer day celebration at the Nigeria union of journalist press center in Akure, Betty Akeredolu said it is unacceptable the current situation in the country where there are few cancer control centers.

Ondo state first lady implored government at all levels to create more awareness about cancer and it’s prevention among the people.

She noted that their should be a better awareness from the Federal government to the people not only on women but also men 

She urged women to always carry out self-examination on their breasts and  consult the nearest hospital before it degenerates to something uncontrollable.

Mrs. Akeredolu advised women to stop consulting spiritual fathers for prevention of Cancer.

 A medical expert and Chairman of the Coalition Against  Cancer, Dr. Pat. Abba said that early detection of Cancer would  save victims from untimely deaths

He hinged the high rate of death through cancer to high cost of cancer treatment.

He appealed to the federal government to emulate developed countries where treatment of cancer is given urgent treatment