Medical and Dental consultants fault NUC’s circular on career progression, as members join strike in Ondo

Ondo Medical and Dental Consultants Association faults NUC on career progression.

The Medical and Dental Consultants Association of Nigeria (MDCAN) has described as ‘obnoxious’ the circular by National University Commission (NUC) that possession of PhD must be used for career progression.

The NUC had issued a circular on Dec.24, 2019 that University Vice Chancellors must recognise possession of PhD as a prerequisite for career progression by all academic staff, including clinical lecturers.

The Vice Chairman of MDCAN in Ondo State, Mrs Omolayo Olubosede, at a press conference on Monday in Akure said the association rejected the circular in its entirety.

Members of the association are currently on strike to kick against the NUC circular Olubosede said NUC had no right to and should desist from meddling in the affairs of post graduate medical training,which was in the purview of the National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria.

She revealed that a medical consultant needed not to have PhD because  he had spent more years  than what a phD holder would have.

“We demand that NUC should desist forthwith from meddling in the post graduate Medical training, which is in the purview of the National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria. That the MDCAN rejects the imposition of PhD on clinical lecturers .

“That the Executive Secretary, NUC has been speaking from both sides of his mouth, in one breath, he mentioned that possession of PhD is’ voluntary and optional and in another breath making it mandatory for career progression for clinical lecturers. 

“That the NUC is trying to meddle into Postgraduate medical training in Nigeria, thereby usurping the powers of National Postgraduate Medical College. 

“That MDCAN is not aversed to the possession of PhD but should remain voluntary & optional for clinical lecturers.
“And going forward we call on the National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria to live up to its statutory power of awarding degrees to postgraduate trainees. 

” The NUC circular, if allowed to stand,will worsen the already precarious health health situation in the country,by encouraging continuous brain drain of our best from the University system,” she Said.

Olubosede said the national body had given NUC till Feb.24 to withdraw the circular, in which it failed to do so and had already withdrew the services of its members who were clinical lecturers in the universities.

She said the association in the state had already complied as its members, who were clinical lecturers at the University of Medical Sciences (UNIMED) since the said date