Fabric Nose mask not 100% effective- NMA boss warns Nigerians

A medical doctor, Dr. Wale Oke says it is unhealthy to use a nose mask for more than four hours.

Oke, who is the chairman of Nigerian Medical Association, (NMA) Ondo State chapter noted that it is advisable for people to replace nose masks after four hours of use.

His advice is coming on the heels of a directive from the state government that all residents must use nose mask in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

According to Oke, it is necessary for people to maintain proper hygiene with its use one mask.

He said, “A mask should be used for maximum of four hours after which it should be replaced.

” The fabric mask is not 100 percent effective against COVID 19, the wearing of mask has been helpful in curtailing the spread of coronavirus. With the mask, nothing can come to you.

“Some people believe that if you are the type that has a cough or other infection, you put the blue one on and allow the white aspect to be out but if you are preventing yourself from getting infected from other people, you wear it the other way round”