Sotitobire: Father of missing child testifies, as case continues on Wednesday


Father of the missing boy at the Sotitobire miracle church in Akure has testified at the ongoing trial of the church’s founder, Prophet Alfa Babatunde and 6 other members.

The Court  admitted as evidence, the statement of the father of the missing boy  made at the anti kidnapping section of the Ondo state police Command presented by the defence counsel.

The trial of Alfa Baba Tunde, the Founder of Sotitobire Miracle Church, Akure resumed 35 days after the last adjournment.

Babatunde is standing trial with six other members of the church over the disappearance of a year old boy, Gold Kolawole in his church last year.

Founder of the church and six members  are in court on a three count charge.
Those who were in court were  made to observe Covid 19 precautions. 

 Father of the missing boy, Temitope Kolawole was the star witness  and was examined by the state led by the director of public prosecution, Grace Olowoporoku for over four hours.

Kolawole told the court how he was allegedly harassed and his cloth torn by loyalists of prophet Babatunde in the church 

He denied allegation that he was refused visa on the allegations that he was on the watch list by the US government for criminal charges. 

The State Attorney-General and commissioner for justice, Adekola Olawoye and the defence counsel expressed satisfaction with the proceedings .

Trial Judge, Justice Olusegun Odusola ruled that the anti kidnapping unit statement made on the 14th November 2019 be admitted saying it substantially complied with section 104 of the evidence act.

The case continues on Wednesday as more witnesses may appear before Justice Odusola