Ondo records 100 cases of COVID- 19 in eight days

Ondo state now has a total of 174 confirmed cases of coronavirus.

The state also recorded a total of 100 cases of the virus in one week.

Before Today, the state recorded 80 cases but twenty new cases were announced for the state by Nigeria Centre for Disease Control on Monday.

Governor Rotimi Akeredolu at the weekly press briefing in Akure, lamented the increasing cases of COVID-19.

According to him, government is seriously concerned about the disturbing record and trend.

He said,  “In fact, what seems to be in view is the undesirable increase in our vulnerability as a result of our deliberate non-challant attitude.The only solution, as I often say, is to take the very simple but necessary action of self-protection by obeying and practising the basic national prevention and control protocols.  

“The point must be made again that what this spike is also showing us is the embarrassing fact that many people still do not believe that the virus exists, talk more of making conscious effort at prevention.

“Regrettably, our investigations and other unpalatable experiences still show apathy, disdain and neglect to the reality of COVID-19. Such attitude can only mean a neglect for the safety of our lives and those of our loved ones.

 “It is also unfortunate that a few dishonest people have quite wickedly attributed the campaigns by state governments as an avenue to attract financial releases from the Federal Government. Others have decided to wallow in self-denial by simply ignoring all conversations about COVID-19”