Opinion: Agboola Ajayi’s defection,full of sound and fury signifying nothing.

By Prince Ojo Adegunleka

no more news that Agboola Ajayi, the DG of clueless Aketi, is no more in APC, as he has now pitched his tent with the PDP, and as a matter of fact, collected form to contest in the primaries of the party coming up in July.

What is news though is the absence of tsunami of decamping of key APC members in the state with him.

Never in the history of decamping or crossing the carpet in Nigeria’s political space from the time of independence till date has a ‘purported big fish’ come alone after much hype, or lies.

Followers of Ondo state politics will laugh to scorn any claim of Agboola to any iota of  followership in his former party, APC, or how can one reconcile the fact that no APC member, even in his ward followed him to PDP, as the APC executives and members of his ward had denounced him immediately after he decamped.

Chief Akin Omoboriowo, decamped from UPN to NPN with notable politicians like Ebun Ogunyimika, Hon. Fagbamigbe, Majority Leader Agunbiade, Dr. Bode Olowoporoku, Speaker Jolowo, to mention a few.

Some of us were witnesses to former Governor Mimiko’s change of loyalty from Adefarati to Agagu, with the many political office holders that went with him, which played no small part in the electoral victory of Agagu in 2007.

Iroko, as he’s fondly called repeated same feat when he left PDP to form the Labour party, he depleted the ranks of the PDP in the state with important members of  Agagu’s government. 

The only 2 MHAs present at the welcome ceremony of Agboola, are the two PDP members in the house, no SA, SSA, Commissioner, Chairman of LG, Councilor, Supervisory Councillor, or any politician of note from APC, what’s  Agboola’s claim to followership if his followers can not stand up with him.

What dummy did Agboola sell to the NWC of the party that made Secondus come to welcome him, or is it true that the NWC members are bunch of tax collectors according to Wike?

No matter what transpired, it is now apparent that Agboola Ajayi, has no political clout in APC, that can be of any advantage to PDP, except maybe his votes and that of his wife.

Delegates will do our party good by not falling for his lies and this joke taken too far, he’s welcomed to the party, but sincerely, his coming does not confer any advantage on the party, might actually be an albatross like the Bayelsa experience of APC, that every party is trying too hard to avoid.

We have enough good candidates in PDP to allow a Covid 19 to spoil everything the party faithfuls have built for the last Three and a half years that Agboola and Aketi have frittered away our commonwealth, of which who takes the larger pie is the source of their disagreement; one have not heard of any policy disagreement that can warrant their hatred for each other.

Let PDP delegates be guided, the destiny of our future is in your hands, receiving stolen money to vote for a candidate of very low values is a betrayal of the trust of the people, of which your children, and grandchildren will reap the whirlwind. 

Prince Ojo Adegunleka writes from Idanre