Why Akeredolu’s wife is not happy with the media.

The wife of Ondo state governor, Betty Anyanwu Akeredolu is not happy with the media and she doesn’t give a damn.

Her anger stemmed out of the way the media has kept mute  over what could be the outcome of her Covid 19 status.

She is disturbed that  after her husband has tested negative,the media has refused to do the needful.

It was published in some media organizations that Mrs Akeredolu also tested positive. 

This report infuriated Mrs Akeredolu who threatened to drag the media houses to court.

She took to her Facebook page to castigate the media again for not finding to get an update of her status ,now that her husband had been tested negative.

According to her,  “KORO UPDATE: The media went berserk to know my covid19 status and announced it positive as if they were NCDC.

“Now that Aketi is negative I expected the same overdrive to know if I am also negative but no “pim” from Akure press since 2 days Aketi was declared negative.

“Do they really care about Arabinrin or want her dead? Tufiakwa!!! Dem go taya!!!