Ondo revenue house is another MMM, designed to make life miserable for the people- Dotun Ojon

The Govenorship candidate of Young Progressive Party, Dotun Ojon says the All Progressives Congress in Ondo State has once again proved itself as a party without a genuine agenda for deliberate growth in the State, other than to tax.

The party, he noted further displayed this at the programmes marking the flag off of its Candidate’s campaign in Ondo State as virtually all discussions centered around how to get people to pay more taxes and make more money for the government.

Ojon in a statement issued and made available to Thenewstrack said, “Like a proper swindler, the Akeredolu’s government has an ‘MMM’ mindset – and the only thing that matters to it is to get more money; despite the fact that the government has made life already miserable for the people.

“For the avoidance of doubt, if the people of Ondo State ever consider to give Akeredolu an opportunity to run the State affairs for a second term, they should be ready to pay taxes for everything in the State – in a manner that will further impoverish them.

“Despite the available fund in the State, the government is deliberately keeping the people in poverty so as to take advantage of the situation through their ‘ dibo ko sebe’ agenda on election day.

“As we speak now, salaries are still being owed while pensioners are not allowed to enjoy the fruit of their long labour.

“It is curious to note that government at this time is talking about giving palliatives to political parties while its core objective is being neglected.

“With what was displayed yesterday, we know the plan of the government is nothing short of taxation – no wonder the only project inaugurated is a tax house”.

He urged Ondo State people to be wise enough to give a red card to a government which agenda is to make life unpleasant through different types of collection.