Ondo Obas attack Olukare for describing late colleague as “High Chief”

A total of 130 crown Obas in Ondo State have attacked the Olukare of Ikare, Oba Akadir Momoh, for referring to late Owa-Ale of Ikare, Kolapo Adegbite-Adedoyin, as High Chief.

The crown Obas threatened to embarrass the Olukare for insulting the late Owa-Ale who was their President until his demise.

This was contained in a letter addressed to Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu in which they asked the Governor to call the Olukare of Ikare to order and warn him against making a derogatory comment about departed late Owa-Ale.

The late Owa-Ale died last week Tuesday and in announcing his demise to the state government, the Olukare referred him as “High Chief”.

Olukare’s letter reads in parts, “I wish to convey to you the death of one my High Chiefs in Ikare Akoko to wit: The Ale, the Quarters Chief for Iyometa quarters, High Chief Samuel Adegbite Adedoyin
“High Chief Adegbite Adedoyin was appointed by my forefather, Oba Amusa Momoh III in 1972, at the Olukare’s palace, he became a regent in 1976 after the death Oba Amusa Momoh III.”

Owa-Ale and Olukare have been at loggerhead over who is the rightful king.
The State Government recognised Olukare as a Class A Oba while the Owa-Ale is in the Class D category.

In the letter to the governor signed by their Vice President, Akapinsa of Ipinsa, Oba Oluwafunmilayo Omoniyi, the 130 Krown Obas said the Olukare goofed and was reckless to have described late Owa-Ale as his “High Chief”.

 “We the members of the 130 Krown Obas of Ondo State wish to call your attention to the reckless statement credited to Olukare Oba Akadir Momoh in which he referred to our late President Oba Samuel Kolapo Adegbite-Adedoyin the Owa-Ale of Ikare Akoko as his “High Chief”.

“We know as a matter fact that Owa-Ale was a king many years before the Olukare became a king. The stool of Owa-Ale is a recognized chieftaincy and the state government issued Owa-Ale a certificate of such a recognition.

“We at the 130 Krowns Obas see such a statement/letter by Olukare published in dailies, referring to our President (Owa-Ale) as a High Chief is an insult to all of us. We will not let go of such an affront on our collective psyche and we will be forced to take steps that will embarrass Olukare if nothing is done to call him to order.

“For Olukare to describe the departed Oba (Owa-Ale) as one of his High Chief is insulting, unbecoming, and mischievous. Olukare cannot claim ignorance of the fact that the late Oba was the President of the 130 Krown Obas, a body duly recognised by the Law and the State.

“The same Oba (Owa-Ale) was a fully recognised member of the Ondo State Council of Obas who had on several occasions attended the Council’s meeting and events. Perhaps Olukare will educate us on when High Chiefs started attending the Council of Oba’s meeting, or are appointed heads of Obas. Olukare goofed and this portrays him as very petty.
“We are not interested in the personal differences between him and the deceased Alayeluwa (Oba Adedoyin). Reasonable people must know when not to continue to fight a battle that they cannot win. Ego and truth do not cohabit.

“We, therefore, appeal to Mr. Governor and security agencies to call Olukare to order and he should stop causing unnecessary royal disaffection in the state,” the Obas opined.

 The regent of Owa-Ale appointed to oversee traditional affairs of the community pending the selection of a new Oba, Princess Aderinsola Olabisi Adedoyin, said the people of Ikare recognised Owa-Ale as the traditional ruler of Ikare from time immemorial.

“No past Owa-Ale has ever been appointed by the Olukare but it was Owa-Ale that used to appoint Olukare as his Chief in the pre-colonial era. The Olukare family should be called to order to desist from any acts that would breach the peace of the community.

“We plead with our amiable Governor Akeredolu to call Momoh family to order to stop his callous act, Ikare people are still mourning their illustrious king,” Princess Aderinsola said.

Source: The Nation Newspaper