Some quick reasons why Akeredolu won Ondo Guber Poll

By Arongbolo Isreal

The following are reasons the All Progressive Congress candidate, Rotimi Akeredolu, won the just concluded gubernatorial election in Ondo:

  1. Just like his Edo counterpart, Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu was able to win the just concluded Ondo governorship election as a result of the powers at his disposal as the incumbent Governor of the state
  2. All the aspirants work together for Akeredolu’s re-election. Unlike PDP candidate who was not supported by some aspirants in the build-up to the election. In fact, the party was sharply divided, and this in turn, played out in the outcome of the election.
  3. Another major factor that contributed to the victory of APC in Ondo is the intervention of the government at the Federal level who gave its full support to the incumbent Governor as a result of his proven track records. In President Buhari’s words; “I have no doubt that Governor Rotimi Akeredolu is a good brand for the APC to market.”
  4. Vote buying by party agents across polling units in the state was also a major factor contributing to the victory of the party at the poll. According to reports from election observers and journalists, while not much in terms of violence was witnessed during the governorship poll, the distribution of cash for votes, although done discreetly, in many polling units, was the order of the day, with many party agents who claimed to be representatives of the APC outspending their rivals.
  5. The zoning arrangement did not also favour the PDP candidate. Mimiko who is also from Central, just like Jegede, spent eight years. It will be difficult for the people to allow central senatorial district to become Govenor again.
  6. Besides the above-listed facts, Akeredolu, within the three and a half years of his administration, has industrialized the state through his synergy with a Chinese Company that established the Ondo-Linyi Industrial Hub in Ore, which had employed thousands of residents.
  7. The reality of the Ore Interchange bridge must have played its own role towards ensuring the reelection of the incumbent Governor. Many had thought it was a political statement when he promised to construct it, but he fulfilled the promise to the admiration of President Muhammadu Buhari who personally inaugurated the project.