Ondo only Female Lawmaker goes philosophical on Facebook

She is the only Female Lawmaker in the current house of assembly in Ondo State.

Favour Tomemowo is an activist cum politician.

She is one of the four lawmakers suspended by the leadership of the house in the wake of the crisis that trailed the failed impeachment of the state Deputy Governor, Agboola Ajayi.

She took to her  Facebook page to tell those who care to listen that she is not worried about things and the people plotting her downfall.

She gives five reasons why she won’t care about her detractors.

1. Trial time must be part of success story, especially on a just course.

2.  I got nothing from men, and they can’t take what is not given or owned by them, for they are chosen by God to be part of the success journey and story.

God giveth and taketh, He uses men to accomplish his mission in ones life, while the men used cant take the place of God in  manifestation of God’s glory.

I had always been a VOLUNTEER to people, to ensure their goals and success are attained, and as a result, I wont put myself in position of God’s authority. 

3. So I learn to be calm and wait while haters and used friends come back to rejoice with me while celebrating God’s manifestation of his glory and grace upon my trial period.

4. Keep finger cross and wait for the Thanksgiving; that I know how to give most. It’s a matter of time👌🏾.

5. While I keep moving to acquire more skills, in readiness of next to be added assignment and position. God takes the lead!
#daughterofZion #BorntoServe #BorntoRule #PurposeonEarth.#PositiveImpact#tomomewocommunitydevelopment.  

HON. FAVOUR TOMOMEWO               ✍🏾✍🏾