God ‘ll visit people in the corridor of power with more judgement in 2021- Pastor Toye Ebijomore



I give glory to God for his everlasting mercies and goodness unto us in the year 2020 that we graciously ended with our usual annual 40days Prayer with Fasting.

 I likewise return all the glory to God for keeping his secret things and covenant with me especially that His words through me shall not fail but comes to pass always. 

Certainly, this year 2021 will be named differently by various people because the Lord has the patent for multiplying visions, speaking by his prophets and using similitudes in the ministry of the prophet. 
Therefore, the Lord has revealed some of the secret things of this year to me and commanded me to prophesy them accordingly. 

This year 2021 is the year of the Lord and He will visit the earth with more judgment especially the people in power.   

In this year, the Lord shall cause new things, fulfillment of His promises and rejoicing unto His people. There will be more shocking occurrences on the earth but the Lord said, only the righteous shall be saved and they are those who believed Him.   

 Regardless of the economic crisis across places, the Lord will settle many people in new forms in this year not by their efforts but by His own grace and those who are praying for marriage, business success, career growth and better living will rejoice greatly.  

The Lord reaffirmed to me that the birth of the new Nigeria will be in this year as He has said through me. He said the two of the three parts of the prophecies that will lead to the birth of the New Nigeria as He made me prophesy has been fulfilled and now He make haste the third part which is the rise of a powerful civil group against the government. Then, I saw the Lord passed through the National Assembly, Aso Villa, and the judicial house of Nigeria for rearrangements. 

I saw ten powerful aspirants for the next president of Nigeria: Three from the east, three from the north, two from the south, and two from the west. But the Lord kept me standing in a room and brought another person not among them and anointed him before my face.

 The next president of Nigeria is already anointed in the realm of the Spirit. He will not present himself or emerge by his strength or any struggle but he will be presented by a holy alliance as revealed to me by the Lord who also told me to seal up the name for now.

  I saw ministers of God in Nigeria holding a service for the Lord and we were 119 in number. There were four major speakers and the Lord nicknamed them differently as the judge, the teacher, the commander, and the third commander. Then, the Lord gave me messages concerning each of the four major speakers and said, the salvation of Nigeria is now in this year of him. The church of God in Nigeria will have victory in this year and there will be answers to the prayers of the godly.   

The Lord will set the powers in Nigeria against themselves in this year for the benefits of the masses. I see judgments of the Lord against the people in power which will cause great confusion among them, trading of blames and regrets.      I saw that President Muhammadu Buhari constantly refused counsels of the good hearted people and they withdrawn from him. Then, he began taking advises that led to a regret of his administration. 

 The Lord revealed more deep things to me especially about some notable Nigerians but instructed me to seal them up till a time to come.

 Now the Lord commanded me to prophesy six orders: establishment in the Lord, favour, help, new connections, great establishment in lively endeavours, and divine protection. Therefore, I prophesy these in one after the other unto you as the Lord has commanded me in Jesus name. 

 I blessed the name of the Lord for these revelations and prophecies which He graciously made through me for this year to his glory alone in Jesus name. Amen.

Pastor Toye Ebijomore Founder/General Overseer, God’s Anointed and Blessed Church International, Akure, Ondo State. Nigeria.

Email- anointedandblessedchurch@gmail.com