Support Akeredolu for more development in 2021 – APC

The All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ondo State has assured that it will continue to remain a pragmatic participant in the development of the State and its people.

The party, in a new year message issued by its Director, Media & Publicity, Steve Otaloro, urged people of the state to continue to support Governor Rotimi Akeredolu in its quests to bring rapid development to the state.

The APC added that party and the government will continue to remain faithful to the vision of providing good governance.

The statement reads,”In this New Year, the APC remains committed to working towards activating the dynamics to overcome the challenges that our people face daily and provide answers to those questions defining the values of our existence.

“The APC will continue to address all matters affecting the welfare of our members and that of our numerous supporters well, that of all Ondo State indigenes and residents alike.

“Our party and the government will continue to remain faithful to the vision of providing good governance. We will work towards creating a society in which there shall be equal opportunity for all.

“Our party is of the view that critical to the realization of the above objectives are the needs to build trust at the public domain and create viable political environment for all to live and enjoy the dividends of democracy as are available.

“Confrontations and threats must give way to dialogue and the good of the state should remain paramount in all our political engagements and discourse.

“It is clear from the standpoint of our party that there is a strong political will to find common grounds. The present government in the state has always acknowledge the importance of multi-party, democratic system and we have always seek to ensure that opposition parties are not treated with disdain.

” The attainment of political power by democratic means is acknowledged as a legitimate object which is the right of every political party.

“The search for a political solution that meets the expectations of the people must be entrenched. In this regard, our party shall continue to extend a hand of fellowship to all those who subscribe to the tenets of a democratic society within the broad framework of a free and credible electoral activities as expressed by our people on the 10th of October, 2021.

“There can be no doubt that the political, social and economic landscape of Ondo State has been transformed under the current APC administration.

“Ondo State, today, is a proud and respected member of the committee of states in Nigeria. Our hitherto agrarian economy has been transformed into one of the fastest growing industrial economies in the country

“It is clear that under the leadership of our workaholic governor, Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, we have established a formidable record of improvement on the lives of millions of our people, in particular, our youths – through strategic employment creations in the industrial hub at Ore.

“Also, in the agriculture sector through the “youth in the ridges” programme whereby thousands of our youths are empowered”, the statement stated.