Man sentenced to life imprisonment for raping niece, three others

A mddile aged man, Kolawole Apoti has been sentenced to life imprisonment by an Akure High Court  for having sex with his teenage niece and three other girls.

His niece  lured other teenage girls to his house where he forcefully had sex with them.

He later gave  them N100 after having sex with them.

Kolawole was said to have been having sex with niece for a long time before she started luring other victims to him.
All the victims are students of St Michael Catholic High School, Akure.

Trouble started when the girls fought over the money he gave to one of them and the matter was reported to the school principal.

One of the victims in a statement written during the trail said ” The man struggled with me to remove my pant. He slept on me and penetrated into my private part.
“Something like water came out which he used red cloth to clean up.

“Thereafter, the man gave me N100 and warned me not to tell my parent otherwise i would die. I forgot a pair of my stock in his room. when I went back for it, he slept with me again.”