Ondo to pay workers as agreed with organised labour.

The Ondo State government has reached an agreement for the payment of salaries with the organised labour.

The outcome of the meeting is stated below

Government and Labour reconvened today 5th March, 2021 as early as 8am on the invitation of the Head of Service at his office.

Today’s meeting was the third this week to chart a way forward on the payment of balance of November 2020 and December 2020 salaries.

You will recall that we (govt and labour) had earlier adjourned till next week for government to be able to ‘look inward’ and pay ‘something’ for December 2020.At the emergency meeting called today, Government appreciated Organised Labour for the understanding shown so far and hinted that earlier than expected, ‘government expectation’ came through.

Therefore, the following were presented for payment for labour’s consideration;a. 50% balance of November 2020 salary.b. 30% part payment of December 2020 salary.c. ‘Something VERY VERY Reasonable’ will be paid as January salary along with the 70% balance of December 2020 by the end of March 2021.

After careful consideration of the presentations by way of recessing to reconvene again, Organised Labour resolved to agree to the payment arrangements in the overall interest of our members and seeing sincerity in government.

Therefore, our members are urged to look forward to the payment of the salaries as stated above TODAY.

Finally, Organised Labour seized the opportunity to thank the out-going Head of Service as today’s salary meeting will be his last officially as the 13th Head of Service of our Sunshine State. We wish him well in his future endeavours.

Signed:Organised labourOndo State.

5th March, 2021.