Ondo Ex-agitators protest over non inclusion into Amnesty programme

Some ex- militants from the mandate Areas of Ondo State have lamented  the failure and refusal of the federal and Ondo State Governments to honour their part of the  Amnesty/Disarmament Agreement .

The ex- militants who had in 2017 laid down their arms said it is painful to note that government has failed to include them in the amnesty programme.

They called on the Security Adviser to the President to assist and helped in absorbing  them  in the Presidential Amnesty Programme.

The ex- agitators were  led by General Job Omotuwa, General Ogalo Ibori and other prominent generals.

They said, “We the Youths and Ex-Militants of the mandate areas in Ondo State which comprises of Ilaje and Ese-Odo Local Government Areas of Ondo State havebeen abandoned and neglected by the government at various levels in its Presidential Amnesty Programme till date having been so disarmed for reintegration.

“lt is our earnest yearning and prayer that you use your good office,influence and position as a man of the youth to absorbing us into thePresidential Amnesty Programme being the basis of the November, 2017disarmament exercise carried out by the government.

It is painful to note that till date, no step or nothing has been made to absorb, ameliorate, mitigate and cushion our suffering and such calls for your honest, drastic and prompt attention being the Honourable Security Adviser to the President to assist and help us to be soabsorbed in the Presidential Amnesty Programme as an integral part of theintegration process sir.

“The need for your prompt and firm attention in enlisting and absorbingus into the Presidential Amnesty Programme is crucial and cannot be overemphasized since the government has failed, reneged, refused and neglected to honour her part of the said Amnesty/Disarmament Agreement orcontract of November, 2017 till date.

“The  Special Adviser to Mr. President /Coordinator,Presidential Amnesty Committee and all other relevant stakeholders in the integration process have also failed, neglected and /or refused to honour our plight of being absorb and enlisted as beneficiaries like others in the Amnesty Programme despite all efforts have been made to reach out to them regards our suffering and abandonment since 2017 till date”.

The ex-agitators said they don’t want the government to force them to return to the creeks.