70-year old man arrested in Ondo for stealing human hair

A 70-year old man, Micheal Omolayo, suspected to be a ritualist has  been arrested in Akure, Ondo state capital , for packing human hair in large quantity at a barber’s shop.

 It was gathered that Omolayo was almost lynched by some irate residents of Oke-emesho area of Akure, after he was caught in the act.

The man  was said to have received the hair from a woman who had reportedly assisted him to pack them for a shop owned by a barber simply identifed to as Desmond.

Luck however run against him as he was sighted by some residents who immediately raised alarm.

Some of the people attempted to lynch the suspected herbalist but were prevented by others who thereafter went to search the septugenarian’s house.

Some fetish objects were found in the house and this prompted the head of the community, Chief James Abiodun to order his arrest and be taken to the Deji’s palace along with the fetish objects saying the issue could only be resolved through traditional means.

The woman who was seen handing over the human hair to the suspected ritualist Reportedly confessed to the allegation at the Deji’s Palace.