Ondo govt justifies Babajide Akeredolu’s appointment, says PDP attacks expected 

The Ondo State Government says it will not be distracted by the recent outburst of the Peoples Democratic Party in the state

The government in a statement issued by the commissioner for information and orientation, Donald

Ojogo said there is no way such sound appointment as that of the governor’s son would not have elicited uncanny attacks from the PDP.

According to him,  the governmment remains focused and will.not be distracted by senseless and mindless attacks from the PDP.

Mr. Ojogo added, “One big error is public governance is the fear of taking decisions, and it becomes unpardonably gravious when sound decisions are avoided over what I consider unresourceful criticisms.

“There is no way such sound appointment as that of Babajide would not have elicited uncanny attacks from the PDP. They were expected. Ours is to be focused on what we are doing for the good people of the State and not to be distracted by lazy opposition.

“When Jang appointed his son, Yakubu as a commissioner in Plateau, it was okay for them; what about Okowa who did it in Delta? When their Principal’s brothers in Ondo literally did all appointments while they held sway, it was okay. We can only enjoy their gallery-looking dance. They are hypocritical aside being saddened by their antecedents.

‘We are more concerned about the deliverables in whatever we do as a Government. In this particular instance of Mr Governor’s decision in respect of the son, it cannot be said otherwise; he made a right decision.

“This young man has been doing a lot behind scene in the last five years plus, to enhance good governance. He has demonstrated enough capacity in many respects. Time will tell as we sail along in full steam.

“I think the problem PDP has is the fact of apparent intimidation that a very sound and balanced second term cabinet has berthed”..