Support Tinubu Presidency; Yoruba Ronu Group Appeal To Yoruba Obas

Yoruba Ronu Group, a social political organization fighting the cause of Yoruba race at home and in the diaspora, has called on the traditional rulers in Yoruba land to support Bola Tinubu’s presidential bid as he pays homage to them as he visits the Ondo State in his next phase of visits to Southwest traditional rulers.

The group Chairman, Prince Diran Iyantan, said this will be a payback time for Asiwaju Tinubu who holds different prestigious traditional titles in the Yoruba land and who has helped traditional institution to gain a place of pride in the scheme of things in the country.

Prince Iyantan said Tinubu has been the shining light in the Nigerian political scene since the present democratic dispensation began in 1999. “Asiwaju Tinubu has always been part of the factors that entrenched this present democratic system. He has, continually, worked to sustains it and in the process elevate many Yoruba sons and daughters on to high pedestals.

“None of the supposed presidential aspirants in the South has made much sacrifice for the growth of the nation’s democracy than the national leader of the APC, Ahmed Tinubu. By simple assessment, none of them has a good chance of clinching the APC ticket in the primaries than Asiwaju Tinubu does. He has built a strong political coalition across the thirty six states of the federation and Abuja. This is a hefty task difficult for other competitors to have attempted.

Prince Iyantan believes that the ruling party has, by its action of zoning the party chairmanship position to the north, invariably, zones its presidential ticket to the south, purposely, to provide Asiwaju Tinubu the appropriate platform to actualize his long-standing dream of becoming the President of the country.

By this said zoning, the question is ‘who is better qualified than the Asiwaju of our time?’ Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu, certainly, towers above everyone in the southern part of the nation who may want to try him for size. Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu has sacrificed much for this country, the Yoruba race and his party.

As a tested, accomplished, and visionary leader, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu has invested his entire lifetime and his resources in building an expansive network of Yoruba, nay Nigerian, political leaders who have risen to the peak of their careers and will, readily, rise to see him to success in the journey to the position in view.

Iyantan concluded that as a true omoluabi of Yoruba race, Asiwaju Tinubu signifies courage, hard work, humility and respect for traditional institution. “We are hopeful that he will receive a rousing welcome as he visits Ondo State, the birthplace of the progressive politics in Nigeria.

Steve Bayode,
Director of Communication,
Yoruba Ronu Group.