Amotekun operatives rescue hairdresser from kidnappers’ den

Operatives of the Ondo State Security Network Agency codenamed Amotekun Corps have rescued a lady who was kidnapped by unknown gunmen along Ore/Akure highway in Ondo State.

The Chairman of the Council of Amotekun Commanders in the South-West region and Ondo State Commander of the Corps, Akogun Adetunji Adeleye, admonished citizens of the state to be more vigilant and careful with those they make contact with.

He said efforts were being made to arrest the perpetrators.

The victim, a 29- year-old hairdresser , Morayo Ayeni, an indigene of Irele local government area of the state, who reside in Ore, Odigbo local government area of the state, narrated how she was abducted.

She said, “A lady whom I’ve never seen before, walked into my shop and she said she wanted to make her hair. But I told her I was going for our association’s meeting. She claimed she was going somewhere and just needed a little touch.

“I asked her to step aside to enable me clean up the shop, then she got a phone call, she picked it and started telling the person to stop disturbing her and hung up the call angrily.

“So, she told me she didn’t know the person that was calling her. And I told her if she didn’t know him, he won’t be calling her. And she told me she didn’t recognize him.”

She said the man called the lady again and she described her salon for him.

“As I was sweeping, I saw a black Camry car with tinted glass pulled up infront of my shop. Then, the man alighted and told lady, that, “This is me that you said you can’t recognize.”

“The lady denied knowing him. So, as the man was approaching my shop, I kept staring at him, and suddenly he tapped me and said, , “What about you, hairdresser, don’t you recognize me ?”

“I felt like I was electrocuted and I told him that I’ve never seen him before and he said, ” why am I even talking to you two? You see that car over there, go and enter into it.

“That was all I could remember. By the time I regained consciousness, I heard someone telling me to wake up. I heard him talking to someone on the phone that he had been able to pick the ladies and were at the Plaza,” she added.

“The victim narrated further that someone called the man and instructed him to ensure they do not escape.

“The lady was the first person they pushed inside the bush, and she fell down and sat. The guy behind me also pushed me down. When I fell, I looked at his face, and saw that he was looking elsewhere. That was how I took to my heels. I didn’t look back.

“I was just running. the man that drove us mentioned the guy’s name which I have forgotten and told him that, ” if that lady escapes, you will be the one to be killed. When I heard that, I increased my speed.

“I was running till I got to the main road. I didn’t know how I got to plaza area. Then I saw a bike man at Plaza. I can’t remember the place, but I know it’s not far from where I escaped from. I can still remember the bush I ran from, but I can’t remember where the lady is, I’m confused. I got confused when I got to the road.

“I was running and crying. Then, the Amotekun men saw me and asked me what happened? And I told them to take me to where I can board a cab back to Ore where I was kidnapped.

“He asked me to enter and asked if I could follow him to Amotekun’s office, I said yes and he drove me to the Corps’ headquarters.”