Yoruba Group makes case for independent candidacy

A Yoruba socio-political group, the Ifebori Solidarity Forum, has said that it would mobilise voters to vote for any independent candidate if leading political parties in the country presented what it termed ‘wrong’ candidate in next year’s general election.

It said it would sensitise the electorate on the need to ignore any politcal party that presented candidates that cannot deliver dividends of democracy.

National Coordinator of the ISF, Comrade Bola Oyewale, spoke in Ore, Odigbo local government area, at a symposium to enlighten electorates on political parties pattern and candidates ahead of 2023 general elections.

Theme of the symposium was titled, “2023: Who should be voted for, Party of candidate’s personality.”

Comrade Oyewale noted that voting pattern in the country has not brought the desired succour.

He said the group was not out to ferment trouble but to provide solutions to politcal problems in the country.

His words, “A party that does not present a right candidate should be ignored. Whether you are in party A or party B, our concern is that it is the right person.

“Moderation is the central and fundamental pillar of our movement. Our philosophy is diametrically opposed to any forum of extremism, political fanaticism and conservatism.”

Dr. Ademola Adewinle, in his remark, urged the people to reject political parties and politicians campaigning with tribal sentiments.

He told the gathering to vote for a candidate they know instead of a political party that presented a bad candidate.

“It is better we vote for personality than voting for a political party because a political party may bring a moron who cannot say anything but if we look at a personality who can represent us, we will vote for the person.

“If we are voting for personality, vote buying will end. If we continue to consider personality, we will soft pedal on collecting money because we know the person will remember us.”

A former Chairman of Odigbo local government, Pastor Felix Olatunde, said the 2023 general elections were vital to the sustenance of democracy.

Pastor Olatunde urged the gathering to join political parties and pushed to influence decision of the party.