My talent, not sex took me far in Nollywood, Grace Agbo

Sexy Nigeria actress, Grace Agbo, has said that it was her talent that took her far in the movie industry and not sex.

Agbo who dismissed claims that Nollywood contributed to the rise in money ritual killings in the country said she tried to be focus while on movie set.

She stated that Nollywood movies curbed money ritual killings by showing dangers associated with engaging in money ritual as well as the advantages and benefits of not engaging in money ritual.

Speaking in an interview to mark her birthday, Agbo, who is also a fire fighter, said there was no Nollywood movie that ended without showing the consequences associated with money ritual killing.

Agbo said she stayed indoor to celebrate her birthday to enable her reflect on her life.

She said tokens were sent to widows and selected under privilege children to celebrate her birthday.

According to her, “My greatest wish as I mark my birthday is to have a better Nigeria. A safe and secure Nigeria where people can live a happy life free from all these killing and insecurity issues.

“I don’t know and can’t see what people do. I only know what I can do and I have never engage in any ritual act to get movie role. As an actor when you have the talent you will always get roles.”

On how she has been able to cope with heartbreak, Agbo stated that she usually give herself little time to heal and moved on with her life.

“I am not particular about physical appearance of a man. A really good man is okay for me. I just want a really good man inside. A man that has the fear of God and pays attention to me”.