The social media is a blessing to this generation. All the social media platforms have afforded us ample opportunities that were not there in the dark days.


As beautiful as these advantages are, some rabble-rousers and frustrated elements have continued to abuse the usage of the social media. They underscored some of the curses of the digital age.


The fraud called “Gistlover” has continued to show the irresponsibility of the social media. It has mindlessly advanced its voyage of spreading fake news. The handler of the Instagram page is nothing but cold-hearted creature. A machinery and ready tool in the hands of political adversary. That creature is a tragedy of this generation.


I read the latest fabricated item on that page and I was amazed at how anyone , under any guise, would wish a fellow human being death. It is the most extreme bad blood ever shown. Politics aside, is that not inhumane and heartless?


My phone won’t stop ringing in the last one hour. The lies posted by the infamous “Gistlover” have generated serious worries from many quarters. Just like I told those who called me on the phone. “Governor Akeredolu is hale and hearty. He’s alive and living well.”


We must Identify the bad eggs in the society. They are everywhere. Mostly on the social media. The blessings of the social media must not rob us of our sense of responsibility. We must be deliberate in making sure that only sane and responsible people are taken seriously on the social media space.


Don’t listen to naysayers. 4+4 is complete 8. God is our guide.

This was copied from the facebook page of the chief press secretary to the governor, Richard Olatunde