Group Declares Support For Tinubu, Says He Is The Best For President

A socio-political group, Tinubu Hope of Nigeria, has declared its national leader of All Progressives Congress (APC) Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu .

The group at a meeting in Akure on Wednesday, said Tinubu remains  the best material to run the nation’s affairs in 2023.

It added that the former governor of Lagos State, who has declared his interest in presidency, has all it takes to run the affairs of the nation successfully.

The convener of the group, who is based in Abuja, the Vice Chairman, Rotimi Olorunfemi said:  “Why we are part of this project is because we are concerned about the progress of this nation,

“With Tinubu, I see revitalization of Nigeria. I see him as the hope of Nigeria. I see him as the right man for the office of the President of Nigeria.

“I see him as man who can effect the paradigm shift. A man who can rebuild Nigeria. I see him as the man who can rekindle the generation of Nigeria.

“I see him as a man who will restore peace. A man who will bring businesses back to life  A man who will provide an enabling environment for our businesses and industries to thrive. A man who will strengthen our


“Talking about the man Tinubu, it is God that gives life. When I hear people say this berdadash, the most unfortunate thing is that these are people who have never had a personal encounter with Asiwaju.

“Recently I had the privilege to sit down with Asiwaju, he’s healthy, I can say that anywhere.

“He’s a man of profound intellectual gift. He is sound. Like Asiwaju said himself, the work of the president is not about moulding blocks. We need someone who can use his power of intellect, global goodwill, connection to rebuild and recreate the Nigeria of our dream.

No one can demarket Asiwaju, he’s a brand on his own.

“A number of my friends in Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) told me pointblank when they saw me support Asiwaju, they said they were ready to follow him.

“He’s a household name. I will quote the former head of state in the country, the greatest topic in the political realm today in the country is whether or not you’re with Tinubu.”

Speaking on the declaration of the Vice President Yemi Osinbajo’s interest in the presidency and the simmering psychic battle between the supporters of the vice president and Tinubu’s, the convener assured that the dust raised by the declaration would soon settle down.

He said the people of the Southwest would resolve the issue and a block vote would be delivered to Tinubu in the 2023 presidential election.

According to him, “I don’t have any doubt, we the Yoruba always pursue what’s best for Nigeria. Asiwaju is the best for Nigeria. I am of the firm believe that at the appropriate time, we will all queue behind Asiwaju.

“There will be no dissenting voice in Southwest. I can assure you, it’s going to be a block vote. All we are going to do now is going to the grassroots, because we have a big job to do.”