Ondo East/West PDP Reps Candidate, Felix Kehinde Calls For Restructuring of Nigeria

The Peoples Democratic Primary  House of Representatives candidate for Ondo East/West federal constituency, Dr Felix Kehinde, has stressed the need  to restructure the country.

He said restructuring  will solve insecurity, engender equitable distribution of resources and bring meaningful development, among others.

Kehinde, a UK-based physician and philanthropist, spoke while answering questions during a radio programme.

 in Ondo city on Friday.

He said, “Time has come for the country to properly look in the direction of restructuring so that the nation can solve her many problems ranging from insecurity to unemployment, education to healthcare.

“Restructuring of the country will birth community policing in the truest sense because I have seen this work in the west and it can still work here in Nigeria. As we all know that the present system is not serving us well. We need to elect lawmakers who will work with like-minded colleagues to ensure this become a reality”

The PDP candidate expressed  dissatisfaction with the way the country is being run, saying”we need leaders who will have the interest of the people at heart and make things work”.

“We cannot continue to live a sub-human life. Our people are wallowing in abject poverty, there is insecurity in the land, our people can no longer sleep with the eyes closed. We can do better. I trained in Nigeria and in the UK and I have worked in the two climes. I can say getting the system working is not a rocket science” He said.

While reacting on what motivated him to leave his comfort zone in the UK to run for office in Nigeria, Kehinde said “I am doing this for the love of my people and to ensure kids from poor background like mine fulfill their God-given potentials and my people live decently”

He said he will run a participatory system of legislation whereby his constituents will have a say in the way bills are sponsored.

“We can no longer do things anyhow, the status-quo must be challenged. We will consult our people before we initiate any bill and constituency projects. Our people must be given a voice” He concluded.