Yagba-West APC denies involvement in anti-party activities

The attention of *APC Yagba West Progressive Movement* has been drawn to some spurious publications by some misguided people masquerading as members of faceless organization.

Their character deserves no reply if not of common assertion that when “Falsehood pervades it makes it sometimes have colorouration of truth”

Firstly , it’s our advice to these misguided people that politics of today is that of development, not a religion nor a royal family status.

Nobody function where he is not celebrated or given appropriate recognition.

The politics of old of Pilates and Herods becoming friends because of crusification of Christ is gone for ever in Yagba West LGA.LUKE 23:11.

Secondly, the politics of today is a politics where supporters are ready to follow any Leader or people that are contesting to any length with just a visible criteria of “loving our people “and “Yagba West “just like the Centurion in the Bible Luke 7 v 1-10 ; hence these faceless people should go and appeal to their sponsors to Love our people by seeing their welfare rather than destructive politicking .

They should advice their Sponsors that they should emphasis in any of their campaign sensitization for Tinubu/ Shetima ticket instead of their tickets alone.

Recorded movements have shown that even food materials and empowerment goods were diverted for private candidates campaign in Yagba West alone without reference to Tinubu/Shetima nor the source of those empowerment which is Tinubu/Shetima PCC.

The system has made genuine avenues for reconciliation of different people in discord which these masquerades sponsors have failed to allow it to function with auction.

We the *APC Yagba West Progressive Movement* is advising all political gladiators to humble themselves and do genuine reconciliation with all, and do good at all times to our people not only on Christmas and New Year celebration alone or when they are looking for votes.

The right to vote for any candidates of your choice is a personal decision guarantee by the electoral act and the constitution of Nigeria.

Equally, the constitution has guarantee freedom of association and expression which is inalienable.

His Excellency, President Buhari has given ray of hope to all Nigerians to vote and campaign for candidates of their choice devoid of any harassment and intimidation. It’s our advice that these people should be properly guided.

Politics of exclusion entails that the person is not having electoral value. If that is the case, no one should be bothered by activities of such persons, hence we should give room for free and fair election to prevail.

Johnson Olorunsogo

Convener, APC Yagba West Progressive Movement