Amotekun arrests 80 suspected criminals in Ondo, laments increasing cases of missing persons 

Ondo State command of Amotekun, has

arrested 80 suspected criminals in the last three weeks.

Out of these suspects arrested, thirty- six of them were paraded before journalists in Akure.

Among these suspects are four persons who allegedly invaded the farm of of a Peoples Democratic Party Chieftain and destroyed cassava plantation.

Briefing reporters in Akure, the state

commandant of Amotekun Corps, Chief Adetunji Adeleye  “In the last 3 weeks, 80 (suspected) criminals were arrested. In the last 1 week, about 32 were taken to court for prosecution, investigations are going on in most of these ones and some of them at the end of the day were found to be victims of circumstances.

“Like those that comes out without a means of identification at odd hours and are found where they are not supposed to be, those ones upon proper interrogation were released to go, some were released on bail”.

He added that the suspected criminals including women who engaged in various criminal activities ranging from murder, to anti grazing, stealing of motorcycles, stealing of grinding machine, stealing of keke Napep, stealing of various houses household equipment, including generator, and armed robbery.

“Majority of these ones that we are parading today, having concluded the investigations, some of them will be going to court, early in the week next week. This is what we have been able to put together since last 3 weeks”.

“Criminal is criminal, regardless of where they come from, we don’t want to give color to criminality, a criminal is a criminal. Once you engage in criminal activities, the signal we are sending is that Ondo State a place where you can thrive as a criminal, the criminals should better leave Ondo State, not only within the town, but within the forest.

“Some of these criminals were arrested right inside the forest. Again, the anti open grazing law is in force in Ondo State where we discouraged the use of underaged  for grazing, especially when they engage in destruction of farm products.”

“Some of them engaged in very massive destruction, we arrested some of those that  were engaged in the destruction of one of the principal officers PDP that went viral, saying that his farm was destroyed, we caught them and we brought them to book, they are part of those people who are being paraded here, 4 of them were involved”.

He also lamented the increasing cases of missing people in Akure.

“In the last two weeks, we observed increase in the rate of missing people within the town. And our discreet investigations reveal that most of these people board Okada that are not registered with SITA and are not registered with the okada association, even their bikes are not registered at all, so it becomes very difficult to identify them and majority of the victims that manage to escape that we interrogate there after, told us that those people that kidnapped put in hoods and put helmet on it”.