Sponsored Writer Twisted My Interview On Tinubu, Otaloro Denies Removal Rumour

Sponsored Writer Twisted My Interview On Tinubu, Otaloro Denies Removal Rumour

My attention has been drawn to a rumour making the rounds that in an interview with Daily Independent on Wednesday that the President-elect, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, would not be sworn in.

The depth of this lie from the pit of hell circulated by this hired purveyor of evil tidings made me respond to avoid the unsuspecting public falling for this trick.

My interview with this reputable national daily remains intact and available for all who may want to verify the claim of the political almajiri who used the platform of a noble profession to perpetrate his enterprise.

The interview entitled: “Tinubu’s Unprecedented Accomplishments Will Humble Haters -Otaloro” is on Page 9, Daily Independent newspapers of Wednesday, April 19, 2023. This interview could be assessed on the website of the national daily.

There was nowhere in the interview I said that the President-elect would not be sworn in as claimed by the fictitious writer.

S/he only wrote what I suspect is the ploy of some group of people s/he works with despite the efforts of DSS to quell this felonious move.

I, therefore, call on the security agencies in the country, particularly the DSS, to fish out this writer of this fiction entitled: “Tinubu Might Be Removed As President-elect And Won’t Be Sworn In, We APC Are Already Aware -Steve Otaloro” as s/he definitely in the know of a brewing plan to upturn the swearing-in of the President-elect.

It’s pertinent the DSS fetch this person for questioning because the quotation was not in my interview, and neither was it implied. Instead, it is unequivocally stated in the interview that the president-elect, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu would be sworn in on May, 29th 2023.

Why the online media twisted the interview even when it was said to be quoting from the Daily Independent left much to desire.

So, s/he would be of assistance to debrief the relevant authorities in further tracking down the brains behind any such evil move.

Steve Otaloro,
Director, Media & Publicity,
APC, Ondo State.