Olusola Oke celebrates Pa Fasoranti @ 97, describes him as admirable leader

Legal luminary and All Progressives Congress Stalwart Chief Olusola Oke SAN has joined eminent personalities across the world to celebrate revered Afenifere Leader Pa Reuben Fasoranti who clocks 97 years today.

Chief Oke in a statement described Pa Fasoranti as an elder statesman whose contributions to Nigeria’s development remains invaluable.

He said ” I am proud to associate with, and honour, our own leader, teacher, mentor and father, Pa Reuben Fasoranti, as he celebrates his 97th Birthday, which, for me, is a testimony to God’s goodness and mercy in his life.

Pa Fasoranti has evidently paid his dues in nation building as a resourceful sage and reverred personage through visible self-sacrifices and honest ideological renditions, all of which supplied sturdy and enduring bricks by which Nigeria has erected lasting nationhood.

An unblemished leader that he has been, Baba in his heydays, made enviable accomplishments for himself as a sterling citizen; and, as a public servant of the old order, made indelible marks, both as Awolowo’s devotee and Commissioner for Finance in Pa Ajasin’s government.”

Chief Olusola Oke added that ” As a distinguished leader of Afenifere -the Yoruba socio-cultural organisation, he has continued to exhibit high moral principles as he conducts the affairs of the reputable organisation with resounding gains. His impactful record of consequential contributions to the country recently culminated in
successfully charting directions, at very critical times, for Yoruba people, particularly as witnessed during the general election that produced the President-elect, Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu; an achievement that is by no means meager.

Baba’s 97th birth anniversary warrants the resplendent laudations it deservedly attracts. I am, therefore, in gleeful awe, joining the army of patriots across the globe in saluting the giance of this towering Nigerian who continues to benchmark reliable leadership in a dispensation riddled with selfish and exploitative rulership.

Papa remains an admirable personality that all must take pleasure in studying. I wish him more fulfiling years ahead, as providence blesses him yet more.”