The Man, Ambassador Ayodeji Oritedi And His Exploits

“Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men” aptly describes the man Ambassador Victor Ayodeji  Oritedi

Born without a silver spoon, Amb. Dr. Oritedi is the Eddie Iroh was referring to in that fiction work. He was not born into a wealthy or so much affluence family but grace and hardwork have made way for him to be sitting in the midst of Kings and Queens.

Amb. Dr. Victor Ayodeji Oritedi groomed himself to be a globally recognised business development expert and an astute Agribusiness professional with courage and insightful wisdom.

He graduated from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria where he obtained B.A. (Hons.) History.

His passion for developing himself made him enrol for Msc. in International Affairs and Diplomacy from the same institution.

 Oritedi, for his love for education reached the apex of academic pursuit, he bagged Doctorate Degree in Commerce and Enterprise Development from Bi-Lingual University, Togo, where his knowledge for commerce and industry was widen and prepared to take any responsibility.


He was a successful banker, where diligent and hardwork with dedication saw him rose to the level of a Regional Commercial Manager before he voluntarily resigns from the bank. He has years of experience in Food Industries, Commodities (temradinf) and aggregation.


 Oritedi has attended over 20 professional trainings to update his skills on the job and learn new innovations. He is a member several professional institutions in Nigeria and across the globe; which include, Senior Research Fellow (SRF) of the institute for commerce and Enterprises Development of Nigeria, Associate Member, National Institute of Marketing in Nigeria(NIMN), Full Membership, Chartered Institute of Management and Leadership (C.I.M.L.) USA, Fellow, Chartered Institute of Information and Strategic Management.

Amb. Dr. Victor Ayodeji Oritedi as the Head of Sales in Flour Mills of Nigeria Plc, introduced and implemented a clear vision and strategy for the company’s B2C and B2B input sales and he ensured working synergy with all the distributors.

He is a Global Eminent Peace Ambassador of the United Nations, he is a specialist with USAID FTF Nigeria Agricultural Extension and Advisory Services Activities. He is responsible for the activities of MSMEs and cohorts within seven States in Nigeria.

 Oritedi, MCIML(USA), FCIISM, MNIM, SRF-ICRED, is no doubt a successful multifaceted business man having his roots in Finance, Agricbusiness, Food and Commodity Production, Marketing and most importantly having human relations with all.