2023 Children’s Day: Olusola Oke calls for solid foundation for children

 A Chieftain of the All Progressives Congress in  Ondo State, Chief Olusola Oke (SAN),  has stressed the need defend the existence of children by laying promising and enduring legacies for them.

Oke in a statement  issued to mark the world children’s day, identified with children across the globe, saying welfare of children must be given adequate attention.

The statement added, “I am happy to identify with children across the world on the auspicious occasion of Children’s Day Celebration, 2023. I cherish, most profoundly, the frankness, humility, forbearance, large heartedness and forgiving nature of children, as these virtues are instructively central to human peaceful living and eclectic development.

“Regrettably, the increased vulnerability of children globally has dampened these valuable natural gifts. That explains why for us, as parents, children’s welfare sit stoutly on the front burner and, more often than not, they take preeminence over other life’s competing pursuits. This is rightly so because, beyond being heritage, they represent the summation of our earthly sojourn and assured future.

“Even as a nation, this day should per force remind us that we are duty-bound to nurture our children to consequence, guide them through life’s tortuous paths and defend their existence by ensuring that we lay promising and enduring legacies for the tomorrow that they eagerly aspire to.

“We are rightly challenged, by the imports of this special day, to be mindful of the fact that our actions or inactions, as leaders, have dire implications for the future of our children. We should, therefore, creatively manage our relationship with them, intentionally guide and guard their trajectories, and support them to realise worthy personal ambitions and attain collective goals.”

Happy Celebrations!


Chief Olusola OKE, SAN.

27TH MAY, 2023