Akoko North East : Unprecedented Achievements by Ondo Minority Leader, Hon. Rasheed Elegbeleye

A Man Of Grace And Achiever


“The ability of a man cannot be known until you give him the chance to rule”

“Having a trusted man as your representative will bring about good development to the people”

The above illustration can best be used to described the member representing the good people of Akoko North East Local Government in Ondo State House of Assembly Hon. Rasheed Olalekan Elegbeleye who will be completing his tenure in the next few days having performed his duties to the best of his ability.

The tenure of this Great Achiever has occasioned many things to the good people of the constituency despite being in the opposition party and as the Minority Leader of the House.

“Oshore” as fondly called by his admirers took the seat he occupied as a God’s given seat and that he is there to make a great impacts on his people going by the circumstances surrounded his election to represent the people of the constituency under the platform of the major opposition party, the PDP.

Ideally, Legislative arm is primarily meant for law making but Elegbeleye has proven to his constituents that it goes beyond making laws but to bring meaningful and dividend of democracy down to the people at the grassroots.

Prior to his inauguration as a member of Ondo State House Assembly, Hon. Elegbeleye has identified the myriad of problems confronting his people.

He first identified unemployment as the major problem based on his findings that a number of youths roam the street in his constituency after graduating from higher institution.

Sequel to this, he promised to use his legislative position to ameliorate this menace in order to reduce the rate of crime in his constituency. Through the help of God Almighty Allah, Oshore fulfilled his promises to take more people off the street and get them engaged, today he could boast of facilitating employment opportunities for not less than 25 people from his constituency in the Federal, State and Para Military services through his efforts to lobby for jobs from government officials, private individuals and many more.

The number of people that he has provided Job for today really shows that he didn’t renege on his promises to offer jobs to his people, though human wants are insatiable as the number of unemployed graduates alone in the local government is massive, but he has been able to use his office to do the little he can do in that regards.

In the same vein of creating employment opportunity for the people, Hon Rasheed Elegbeleye in collaboration with Obafemi Awolowo University Institute of Entrepreneurship Ile Ife trained 50 constituents in different skills programme ranging from Dye making, bead making, soup making, CCTV installation and many more to ensure that our youths and young graduates who are unable to get white collar job have skills that can cater for their daily needs.

The programme was successful as most of those participants today are making waves in different programmes they were trained for thereby reducing the rate of unemployment too in our society.

Hon Rasheed Elegbeleye in his campaign tour especially to the rural part of his constituency promised to ensure that some areas that lack portable water receive his attention. He started with the renovation of boreholes across his constituency based on his financial status as no constituency project funds was released to them. In one of the communities in his consistuency, he identified that there are many boreholes across his constituency that were not functional and need little attention to come back to life, he started massive renovation of boreholes in his constituency and today more than 40 boreholes have been renovated so that people can have access to drinkable water.

Hon Elegbeleye in his efforts to provide potable water for the people also dug a well for his people especially in some rural settlements of Akoko North East such as Aba Oyinmo, Awara village, Mojere camp etc. He dug a well to tackle water scarcity, even some community requested for the well in which he provided in Okoja, precisely at the front of Olokoja’s house. The people demanded water supply for these areas during his electioneering campaign and he has fulfilled the promises to them and today they are all happy and thanking God for his quality representation.

It is also on records that since the inception of the current democratic dispensation of fourth republic, no assembly member had embarked on empowerment programs for his people except the current Minority leader of the state house of assembly, Hon Elegbeleye.

He did a carnival-like empowerment program for the people of his local government, especially the artisans and skilled workers. He distributed equipment worth millions of naira to his people where the leaders of his party, traditional chiefs and community leaders were all in attendance, he also gave his constituents items such as Generator, Dryer, Sewing machines, grinding machines, Clippers, Pumping machines to vulcanizer and many more. The beneficiaries appreciated his good works and intention for them and applauded the initiative as the first of its kind in the constituency.

Hon Rasheed Elegbeleye as part of his efforts also facilitated Equipment for his people through SMEDAN initiatives where 15 constituents were given industrial machines in their various career to further boost their jobs, these are facts available to the people and the beneficiaries today are using their equipments to cater for the family and contributed their quota to national economy.

During that rainstorm that ravaged his constituency, Elegbeleye provided a considerably supports to the affected victims through donation of funds based on his financial capacity, he also embarked on renovation of Police station that was also affected by the rainstorm at that time. He did all the electricity connection of the police station so that the that people can have access to electricity within the facility.

During Covid 19 pandemic, Elegbeleye supported his constituency through donation of 3 trucks of food stuff to his people to curtail the hardship faced at that time among others supports program facilitated by him during the pandemic.

Hon Elegbeleye has always being one of the supportive pillar for his people during festive periods by ensuring that the people of his constituency celebrated their festival in joyful mood by donating food stuff and other packages to both the Muslims and Christians.

Just recently, he facilitated the construction of 5 block of classrooms to Agboriki Comprehensive High School worth millions of naira as part of his constituency project through Ondo State Government.

He also facilitated the total renovation of classrooms at L.A Ikaado Ikare Akoko and the construction of Industrial borehole to Ajokola street in Ilepa area of Ikare Akoko. These and many more are part of his stewardship within the last three and half years of his quality representation in the state house of assembly.

On his core duties as a lawmaker, Hon Elegbeleye sponsored a bill for the establishment of Ondo State Football Academy Ikare Akoko and establishment of Consumer Protection Commission as a chairman house committee on Commerce and industry.

He moved a motion for the total renovation and reconstruction of Okoja- Awara road by the state government among numerous motions he initiated at the floor of the state assembly.

During the incessant killing and kidnapping of his people by fulani herdsmen, Hon Elegbeleye also moved a motion for the provision of police checkpoint at the affected area along Erusu -Akunnu, iboropa- Ise Akoko to restore peace and adequate protection of life and properties of his people.

He also led members of his committee on oversight function to get a first hand information on the state of Alpha 3D plant at Ikare Akoko and what is needed to get the company back on track.