Ex- agitators urge Tinubu To Probe Ndiomu Over Alleged  Misappropriation of Amnesty Funds

A group of ex- agitators under the Ex-Agitators’ Elite Forum has urged President Bola Tinubu to probe the allegation of  misappropriation of funds levelled against the interim Administrator of the Presidential Amnesty Office(PAP), Major General Barry Ndiomu.

According to a statement signed the president of the group, General Amaebi Afiye, Ndiomu has reclined  the amnesty programme into a pathetic abyss.

He lamented that Ndiomu has perpetrated mindless diversion of funds, entrenched illegalities, banal corruption, and savage mismanagement of funds in office.

The statement added “To what extent shall we condone a man who has nothing to show as the lnterim Administrator of the Presidential Amnesty Office(PAP)?

“Under Major General Barry Ndiomu’s leadership, the PAP has reclined into a pathetic abyss. Mindless diversion of funds, entrenched illegalities, banal corruption, and savage mismanagement of funds have been the in-things.

“To Ndiomu, the restraining appeals of conscience are inconsequential. He indulges in administrative roguery with reckless abandon. His contempt for probity and the law beggars belief!

“Ndiomu’s quest to undo the Niger Delta is simply vicious. Only his pockets must be lined to the fullest with proceeds of corruption of the most insidious hue.  Little wonder that he has received #5.2 billion naira as monthly allocation from the federal government for nine months, summing up to the tune of #46.8 billion without any achievement whatsoever.”

He accused Ndiomu of not  deploying any ex-agitator for vocational training,
Inspite of such a humongous amount of money at his disposal,  adding that “neither has he offered any scholarship to deserving ex-agitators who are willing to go to school as was done by previous managers of the PAP”.
He said Ndiomu must be held to account for what he has been doing with the monthly allocation to the amnesty programme.
He added, “It is on record that Ndiomu has diverted hundreds of millions of naira by fraudulently revalidating and appropriating contracts executed by his predecessors as his own. This is a very criminal act that must be investigated and sanctioned appropriately.
“Under the uninspiring leadership of Major General Barry Tariye Ndiomu rdt, the vision of the PAP has been completely disabled. It is a regime of absolute inertia. The intendment for the creation of the office has also been unconscionably muffled. The stiffled PAP is now in need of attention for precipitous  redemption.
“In the midst of all these prevalent inanities, Ndiomu does not want to  leave the Presidential Amnesty Office even when his tenure has expired. As l write, he has surreptitiously secured 6months tenure elongation. This is one of the strategems Ndiomu is capable of.
“In all, just like Emefiele of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Ndiomu must be held to answer for reckless corruption, mismanagement of public funds, entrenchment of illegalities among others by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu for the period he has held sway as lnterim  Administrator of the Presidential Amnesty Program. Only this will serve as deterrent to others who think public office is for fun and personal angradizement !”