NCM Calls For Creation of Ministry for Northern Nigeria

NCM calls for Creation of Ministry for Northern Nigeria


By Abdullahi Alhassan, Kaduna

The coalitions of Nothern Groups under the aegies of Northern Consensus Movement, (NCM)have called for the Federal government under the leadership of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to create the Ministry of Northern Nigeria Development.

Speaking at a world press conference in Kaduna, President of the Amalgamated 592 groups,Dr, Awwal Abdullahi Aliyu Said” We haven critically evaluated the Socio-economic Challenges of the North,we found it appropriate and make Bold to demand for the creation of the Ministry of Northern Nigeria.

Dr,Awwal explained that “We have come to the conclusion that the creation of the Ministry will address the infrastructural deficits and challenges of decades of neglected Nothern Nigeria.

According to him,Once created,emphasis will be placed on specific project implementation,as in Education,Health, Security, Agriculture, Economy,Environment, Women and Youth development on Skill acquisition activities Management.

“The Challenges of Contemporary Northern Nigeria is the Imperative
that draw the attention of Nigerians, particularly our politicians who
have been unable to confront the challenges that has dragged our
politics down the drain into incessant Northern economy undermining our unity, integration and ultimately our economic,social and political progress.

“The Northern Governors should ensure cooperation with the private sector to check all bottlenecks inhibiting the development of the industrial sector as much possible to create self-reliant. This
will enhance efforts towards the development of agro-allied
industries in terms of food processing, textiles, leather, and

He noted that “Northern Nigeria with over 75% of Nigeria’s landmass and over
77% of its arable land in addition to harboring over 95% livestock
industry in the country it constitutes the major resources of the country is agricultural development, this is so because the 19 Northern States accounts for the 80% of the Nations landmass.

“Therefore, there is an urgent need to design a strategy for massive
Agriculture plantation or agro forestry in Northern Nigeria these will greatly help in promotion agro-allied industries, checking desertification, promotion of soil fixation and generally creating a
better environment. It will also be an important means of employment generation.

He maintained that “The rate in the 19 Northern states, especially among girls and women are incredibly low. Studies have shown that only about 3% of females complete
secondary school education in many parts of the Northern states.Access to quality of education should be improved in order to integrate specialized programs to train qur’anic school teachers.

The Northern voters have always determined who to becomes the
president of Nigeria through popular vote. But the Norther political
competitors through propaganda have always used population against the region, claiming that the North want to take power at all cost, claiming that the North is using population to dominate the polity.

“The population of the Norther Nigeria is estimated to be over 60% of
the North total, with nearly 75% below the age of 35 years, this has given the North Political advantage, with higher representation in the National Assembly, because democracy is a game of numbers.

“This predicament has become a problem that has eaten into the fabric of our society, inflicting pain, suffering and division on us, in spite of who is the head of government. We need to understand
the nature of this political problem, so that we could begin to develop a much more leadership policies for the good of our Norther Society and people.